The scaly nails are the most common nail problems. There is no magic formula that turns fragile nails into hard claws, but there are many ways that can help you get beautiful, long and strong nails. Here are some suggestions and practical tips:

1Gloves could be uncomfortable, yet it will protect your nails.

washing dishes with gloves

Always wear rubber gloves when washing dishes, soaking nails in water is the number one enemy of nails. The cleaning materials also remove the fats your nails need to be strong. If you find that the moisture has become high in the gloves due to sweating hands, wear two thin cotton gloves under rubber gloves to absorb moisture and protect your nails.

2Gardening and chemicals could be lethal sometimes.

Various cleaning supplies could be bad for your nails.

Mannequins wearing hand-held advertising wear gloves to do various household chores and to take care of the garden. Because chemicals in detergents are harmful to the hands and nails. Working in the garden damages nails and breaks them.

3Choose wisely what you want to put on your nails.


Choose a paint-free acetone, because it dries the nails and becomes more prone to breakage. This type of paint remover is found in most categories of hand care items.

4Abrasion is an unhealthy habit.

Do not use your nails as tools. Even the safest and strongest nails do not resist long when used as cranes or abrasives. Do not give in a minute or two to find the right tool for the work you do instead of exposing your nails to the risk of refraction.

5Some simple things have magical effects.

Pull your nails clean in a small bowl containing olive oil. Leave it for 10 minutes and then wipe the remaining oil on the fingers with a piece of cotton.

6Protection before elegance.

Most of the good nail care groups have a nail tonic that helps prevent sore nails from cracking and cracking. Put these facts before coating the foundation.

7Activate those nails.

Use the soft side of the nail polish to activate blood circulation around the nail.

8Moisture is essential.

Put your hands cream, it helps maintain a high proportion of fatty substances in your nails. Do not forget to rub each fingernail separately with some cream.

9Caution is better than cure.

Once a week, apply a layer of concentrated center cream before bedtime. Then wear white cotton gloves (these gloves are available in pharmacies). This allows the cream to penetrate the skin and nails and increase its strength.

10Less risk… more fun.

Keep your nails short enough to reduce the risk of fracture.

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