Nails are parts of the skin, which is a solid material covering the fingernails of the hands, legs, and consists of skin protein, called keratin, and contains different proportions of water and mineral salts, in addition to it is a manifestation of the beauty of women, Continuously to be a beautiful and attractive external form, and that by prolonging the way you like, and we will learn in this article on how to fast nails fast.

Quickly mix the nails with olive oil:

Mix half a cup of tomato juice, with 2 tablespoons of olive oil in a bowl, and soak the nails in this mixture for at least ten minutes. Repeat this process once a day, a wonderful recipe for nail lengthening, This is because of the high amount of protein in tomatoes, in addition to vitamins A and C, which maintains the health of nails, and surrounding skin, and also vitamin E, which improves the circulation of the blood, and strengthens nails and strengthens, and also moisturizes and promotes growth, The best natural ingredients for nail care.

Lemon juice with olive oil: rub the nails with lemon juice, brush for at least ten minutes, then wash your hands with warm water, dry them thoroughly, then apply the nail with a layer of olive oil. Repeat this process three times a week. , Where this recipe works on getting long nails, healthy, and very magnificence naturally.

Olive oil with rose water: Put the olive oil on the fire to heat a little, and then wait for it to cool, and put it on the nails for at least four minutes, then remove it, and wipe the nails with rose water.

Egg yolk, honey and salt: Mix well a teaspoon of egg yolk, with two tablespoons of honey, and two tablespoons of salt, well with each other, and brush the nails well, and leave it for thirty minutes on the nails, and then rinsed with cold water And salt, where this recipe works to maintain strong and beautiful nails.

Olive oil, apple cider vinegar, and egg yolks: Mix three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, three tablespoons of olive oil and one egg yolk well with each other, then brush the nails and leave for an hour. Get strong and healthy nails.


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