Nail health

Many people of both sexes suffer from the problem of weak, cracked nails, which are easily broken in contact with any rough body or exposed to mild trauma.

The weakness of the nails is often caused by malnutrition and lack of vitamins and fiber in the diet. From eating fruits and vegetables to increase the strength of nails, in addition to the use of one of the following nail tonic to increase its strength and prevent it from breaking.

The best strength of garlic nails Garlic is used as an effective tonic for nails, which increases the hardness of the nails and prevents cracking or cracking, and to use garlic to achieve this, the following is available.

Supplies of garlic cloves.

A cup of olive oil.

Method of use

Mash the amount of garlic completely until it turns into a soft mash.

Add the sleeping mash to the amount of olive oil and stir well with it, until they mix with each other. Dip the nails in olive oil and garlic mixture, while remaining in the mixture for a maximum of 10 minutes.

You can also use garlic mash in another way, by following the following: Individual horsemanship sleep on the nails before immortality to sleep, and stick it on the nails for a few minutes.

Remove garlic mousse residue from nails and immortalize to sleep, so as to give nails enough time to take advantage of garlic. Nail cleaning effects and smell of garlic when waking up from sleep.

Castor Oil Castor oil is known for its high ability to strengthen the hair.

As the nails need the same vitamins and minerals as the hair needs to strengthen, castor oil offers the same benefit to the nails, in terms of strengthening and preventing breakage, and to make this type of nail toner consider the following:

Castor oil.


Wheat oil.

Method of use

Mix the same amount of castor oil and salt in a small pack.

Add the same amount of wheat oil to the remaining ingredients in the package.

Close the container tightly and stir for several times until the salt disappears and dissolves in the oils.

Using a clean Nail gel polish brush or a clean eye shadow brush, the oil and salt mixture is individually applied to the nails.

Leave the mixture on the nails for a minimum of five minutes, then wipe using a cotton cloth. When taking the mixture on the nails, take care not to do any work with your hands until you stick to it.

Vaseline is widely used in the treatment of skin cracking problems and maintenance of moisturizing among people.

It is also used by some to maintain the strength of the nails by following the following: Vaseline is separated by fingertips on the nails until it is fully wrapped.

Each fingernail is wrapped in wounds to keep the Vaseline in place. Leave Vaseline on the nails for a maximum of quarter of an hour, then wipe with a clean towel.


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