The pedicure is a step towards the health of the feet, providing comfort for them.

It also provides comfort and relaxation for the body. Some do it in beauty salons, or some do it at home, which is easier and better, especially after a long and hard day.

  • Nail gel polish remover tools. medical Cotton.
  • nail scissor.
  • Nail Cooler.
  • Cooler for feet.
  • Nail brush. A basin of warm water, melted by salt.
  • Peeled to the foot.
  • Transparent Nail gel polish.
  • Nail gel polish (according to your choice).

How to Work Pedicure Remove old Nail gel polish, using medical cotton and Nail gel polish remover (acetone).

Use your own nail brush, to clean and around the nails.

Put your feet in a basin of warm water, add salt to it for about a quarter of an hour, or until the skin in the soles of the foot becomes soft, where the salt acts as a disinfectant for the skin. Brush your feet using a coolant or cold stone to exfoliate the dead skin in the soles of your feet, which forms a hard and rough layer of skin in this area.

When you finish peeling, wash your feet with a mild soap, then with water, dry them with a cotton towel, or roll your feet with a towel.

Put the peeled feet on your feet and knees, taking into account rubbing and massage the feet and heels and around the nails, for about a quarter of an hour, nicely.

When you finish using the peel, wash your feet with water and dry them with a cotton towel.

Put your fingernails straight, using nail scissors, and then nail the edges of the nails in a circle using the radiator.

Clean the edges of the edges, using cotton paper.

Apply a basic layer of Nail gel polish.

Apply a layer of colored Nail gel polish suitable for you as you choose and let it dry.

Apply a layer of transparent Nail gel polish to keep the Nail gel polish colored from cracking and maintain it for as long as possible.

Moisten your feet using a moisturizing cream, and it is fun to wear cotton socks, to keep your feet moist. Foot care is an essential part of body care, so you should not underestimate and neglect them, but always moisturize them and keep them comfortable.


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