Manicure or so-called Nail gel polish is one of the types of adornment used by women to highlight the beauty of the fingernails of the feet or hands, and vary in colors, shapes and decorations at the present time; there are beads and crystals and different colors beautiful and strange and amazing designs, and get some women by going to beauty salons.

Manicure is a quick dry substance, and it does not disappear easily from the nails as soon as it is washed with water, and women resort to get rid of them not to damage the nails in many ways and means, which are not in the whole industrial damage nails and turn yellow color or lead to cracking and fracture and damage, Natural and man-made means and materials available in homes and also cheap.

Ways to Remove the Manicure The Nail gel polish can be removed by following a variety of methods.

Acetone is a water-like chemical that is strong in odor. It can be removed by placing a small amount on a clean cotton and wiping the nails well and for a number of times to ensure. It is finally gone.


Lemon and vinegar: through the age of one lemon, put a little vinegar with it and mix the ingredients well together, and immerse the nails of the material well for a few minutes and remove the softener using clean cotton easily.

Perfume: By spraying the amount of fragrance on the masker and rub it with clean cotton for a number of times.

Hair fixer: which is in the form of spray or spray, by spraying it on the nails and remove it with cotton to get rid of it completely. Remove the mask with other nippers by placing the color of the masker above the color at the beginning.

Deodorant: Spray it especially if it is spray on the nails and remove it from the nails using a clean cotton by rubbing it for a number of times until it is gone completely. Heat water and put a little lemon juice in it and immerse hands in it for a few minutes and then remove the cleaner using a clean cotton or cloth. Half a lemon juice with a little fragrance in the pot and put the mixture after mixing it well on a clean cotton or cloth and rub the nails covered with snails.

It is worth mentioning that the use of acetone permanently to remove the nail will make the nails yellow, which suggests their disease and distort the shape and beauty, and it is worth the women and girls not to put the mask permanently and daily because it harms the nails; they are sensitive to chemicals and weaken easily and quickly.


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